Most Frequent Asked Questions – Dinner Kits

All Dinner Kits consist on a selection of  chilled fully cooked, smoked meats, vegetables and homemade sauces which will provide a meal for the people recommended. Please check on the product / instruction list for full details of the kit of your choice. This will give you the chance to be a pit master for once without the need of getting your hands dirty, smell like campground fire and make your family wait for hours.

We source our products from high-quality reputable New Zealand producers, farmers and growers.

To keep costs as low as possible for the consumer, also our Dinner Kits have been designed and complete, the contents of the Dinner kit are unable to be changed or substituted and we cannot accommodate any dietary requirements.

Yes you can, we will be handing over the kits from the restaurant located in 70 Maunganui road Tuesday to Saturday from 11:00 AM till 4:00 PM from the side window on Pacific Av. Please give us a call beforehand (at least 10 minutes before)  so we can get your order ready for pick up. 

You just need to tell us your name and what you order to confirm the details and you are on your way.

Having operated for over 2-years, The Fat Cow  prepares all food in our own commercial kitchen according to strict safety standards. Additionally, The Fat Cow has implemented further hygiene practises in line with New Zealand government’s COVD-19 guidelines for restaurants. These measures include:

  • Regular washing of hands including before and after each break
  • Regular sanitising of hands including every time staff enter the cooking area
  • Social distancing with minimum 2 metre separation
  • Use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for chefs and drivers including mask, gloves and hand sanitizer.
  • Minimum 15-minute breaks between shifts and split breaks for all staff to ensure social distancing is adhered to.
  • All work areas cleaned down and surfaces sanitised between shifts
  • Only two entry points onto the site per shift, where anyone must use hand sanitiser on entry
  • No external visitors on site
  • Coughing and sneezing etiquette

Each Dinner kit  is delivered direct to your door. Dinner kits will be delivered contactless according to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment guidelines to ensure zero contact and maximise safety for customers and team members.

Our Kitchen environment contains all sorts of allergen products such as eggs, milk or dairy products, most nuts, fish, crustaceans, soy, gluten and sulphites. We as a restaurant pride ourselves in having the best practices in cleaning and doing our best to stop cross contamination, however we can not guarantee the complete absences of these allergens on the meals.

Other important things to note

  1. Even that our dinner kits comes in a proper cooled container, and we currently have a refrigerated transport to get the meals to you under proper conditions, we advise that items are placed into the fridge as soon as you get them.
  2. The food in our dinner kits are restaurant quality, and the purpose of the dinner kit  is to be consumed as soon as received.